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Civil and Criminal
Compliance and Surveillance

Bond Corporation Holdings (BondCorp) possesses a range of forensic, system access, technological and deployable physical and human resources to utilise for civil and criminal surveillance and compliance. 

BondCorp operates from Queensland, acquiring AVB Tax and AVB Accounting in December 2019 allowing it to conduct covert Private Investigation duties without licence and recourse and without having to seek approval from law enforcement or regulators instead working with such entities in providing intelligence and asymmetric information. 

BondCorp via contract and arrangement with government, corporate and private entities can mutually assist with compliance, breach identification, and provision of surveillance evidence to authorities and contracted parties pertaining to civil and criminal matters as well as ethical misconduct. 

BondCorps personnel are knowledgeable in civil, criminal and tort legislation and qualified in forensic and tax accounting, financial and management accounting, criminology and profiling, forensic science and ethical hacking. 

BondCorp provides intelligence to entities including but not limited to ASIC, ATO, Services Australia and Law enforcement.

This may include but isn’t limited to driving etiquette and misdemeanour in a geographical area, general criminal misconduct, financial and tax fraud, social security fraud, corporate misconduct, tort substantiation and spouse and relative surveillance under suspicion. 

Dependent on the task and resources required to be deployed we can be engaged at an hourly or daily / nightly rate after determination of requirements which may also be negotiated based on scalability of the task at your discretion. 

To determine and discuss your requirements further and acquire a complimentary / no obligation quotation please send us a message below and we will be in touch. 


For more details on local and Commonwealth civil and criminal law please visit:

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