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Bond Corporation Holdings Pty Ltd (Bond Corp) (ABN: 18 635 956 437) is an Australian Private Company limited by shares.

Bond Corp is registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and is therefore regulated by ASIC in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001 and its subsequent amendments and addendums. 


BondCorp is registered with the Australian Taxation Office for Income Tax and Goods and Services Tax (GST) compliance in accordance with the Income Tax Assessments Act 1997 (ITAA1997) and its subsequent amendments and addendums.  ​

Private Companies and Share Allocations

Unlike public companies that can list on a stock exchange to sell shares readily, private companies in contrast have no readily accessible market to sell its shares. On this basis private companies must either proactively source investors or alternatively buyers elect to purchase on mutual terms in private ventures. 

Price, Purchase and Market Value 

The parties need to agree on the share price. Shares are usually sold at market value.


As private companies are not marketed on a stock exchange, the buyer and seller will often need assistance to determine the company value.


The company accountant may know how to value the company.


Alternatively, the parties can seek an independent valuation by a valuation expert. 


When a share is purchased on agreed terms two key legal documents will effect the share transfer:

  1. A share transfer form to legally transfer the shares; and

  2. A share sale and purchase agreement, negotiated between the parties.

Currently Bond Corporations shares are allotted to its founding shareholders. 

Bond Corp maintains both an active (live) and close affiliation with its entrusted professional accountant and registered tax agent and therefrom can readily provide an estimate of its current share valuation. 


It is of course recommended seeking independent legal, financial advisory and valuation prior to potential investment.  

If you are interested in current share valuation or potential share investment please make enquiry via email to:

Lending and Debentures

Bond Corps current preference for fund raising is internal via Strategic Business Management (SBM) and therefrom Return on Investment (ROI) and supplementary by equity finance (share allocations). 

However, Bond Corp will consider offers for funds on loan for a short term fixed period usually 12 months in limited circumstances. 

Things to Consider prior to Lending to a Private Company 

The decision to lend to an unrelated private company poses more risks to the contributor than that of the receiving entity being in this case the private company. 

It is therefore important to consider how private companies can raise funds at arms length and without a disclosure document. More information on this area is available at:

Generally a prospectus is not required where securities are sold to sophisticated investors, or where a small-scale offer is made that raises no more than $2 million through offers to no more than 20 investors in any rolling 12-month period. 

Again it is recommended seeking independent legal and financial advisory prior to deciding to pledge an offer of finance extension to any unrelated or private entity. 

If you are interested in considering lending after considering the above and applying your own due diligence please make enquiry via email to:

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